Thursday, July 11, 2013

No more oxygen!

It's a happy dance kind of a day!  Mr. Asher is officially off of oxygen.  It took him almost 9 months but he did it!  No more tripping over the tubes, no more forgetting to turn his tank on at night, no more lugging the portable tanks around.... can you tell I was a little annoyed?  Everyone says we'll look back years later and probably not remember these moments.... I don't know if that's true.  It feels like such a long time to me.  Either way, we are so excited and so happy that he's healthy!  We are blessed!

In other news, Asher has his first tooth poking through.  All of the signs of teething have been going on for awhile so it's good to see something there. He's really handling it very well.... thank God for that!

Thank you for sharing in our good news with us!  I hope you are happy dancing with us!

Oh, and the picture is of him at his EKG today.  Nothing scary, just have to make sure everything is good and it is!

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