Thursday, December 19, 2013


MY KIDS ARE SICK!  Those are words that any mom hates hearing and saying.  We have been dealing with illnesses since the beginning of October in the Borkowski house.  Unfortunately, we have a bad one right now as well.  It started with Zoey and made it's way through the other two kids and mom and dad as well.  The long nights of listening to your kids cough.  Wondering if you should take them to the ER.  Am I overreacting?  Are they breathing?  Checking the internet for every symptom.  Moms, you have been there right?  It's scary.  And you feel so helpless.  Day times have been filled with wiping up boogers, cleaning up puke, taking temperatures, forcing them to eat.... just something.  And stay hydrated!!!!  Meanwhile, I haven't been able to leave the house much.  I've had to run errands early in the morning or late at night when my husband is home.   Christmas is coming.... I can't even think about it with my kids being sick.  I haven't finished shopping or figuring out our meal or.... much of anything.  It all has to wait until these 3 get better.  Waiting another hour until the doctor opens so I can call again and get them in.  5 days of this is enough!  Even if he just tells me it's just a bad cold.  At least I'll have that reassurance.  For now I just wait and listen to them each coughing while sleeping....

Here are some pics of my sickies:

Zoey eating a candy cane because it felt good.

Sleep is the best thing when you're not feeling good.

Asher asleep in his carseat in the kitchen with me so I could make dinner.  This was the only way to comfort him that day.
Prayers would be appreciated!

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