Sunday, February 16, 2014

Updates on our journey - it's been awhile

Blogging has proven to be more difficult then I thought.... I read other's blogs and constantly think "I have to blog" but never can take the time to get to it.  As I am sitting here this morning trying to do so, I keep getting interrupted by the kids wanting something, a curious 8 year old peeking over my shoulder and reading everything I type, the dog wanting needing a coffee refill.  LOL.  So many distractions.  I don't know how people find the time to blog with no interruptions to do so.  I guess I'll so mine in increments when I can. 
So, for the first update.... Asher has his first ER visit back in December, right before Christmas.  He's pretty much been sick since the begging of October off and on.  Just colds thanks goodness but this one in December was much worse.  It started with Zoey coughing and being home from school.  By Thursday of that week we were all at the Doctor - all 3 kids had it.  Turned out it was the flu.  The doctor said Zoey and Haley were beyond any medicine point that would work but Asher we really had to keep an eye on.  He was borderline having pneumonia.  Eeek!  We were sent home with some breathing treatments and told to watch him closely.  By that same afternoon, I woke him up from his nap after several hours and he was just lethargic.  He laid in his playroom and didn't do much of anything.  One phone call to the Doctor and we were told to head to the ER.  This was fun, three coughing kids in the ER.  We probably sounded like we had the plague walking in there.  They thought I was there for Zoey because she sounded the worse.  Nope, my poor little guy.  He had a 103 fever at check in.  I must say for my first ER visit, it wasn't so bad.  All of the nurses were swooning over Asher and just loved the girls.
Here he is feeling better after some motrin and some oxygen.
Here he is feeling better after a few days!
After some motrin, some oxygen and a dose of tamiflu, we were already seeing improvements.  In the meantime, the girls were coughing so bad, Haley kept going to the bathroom to throw up.... at least we were at the Hospital right? What an exciting adventure.  

Merry Christmas!  Glad I'm feeling better!

Asher and Haley meeting Santa at our local DS Christmas Party.

Trying Cream Puffs.

Asher loves his feet!
Here's Asher at one of our playdates at the mall with some friends

We have such a great support group here in Colorado Springs with our local Down Syndrome Association.  We have a monthly meeting where we usually have speakers that have taught us various topics.  This month was Music Therapy which Asher loved.  Here is a picture of Asher at one of our play dates at the mall with some friends.  We also have Mom's Night Outs once a month.  I look forward to those as well.  I am so grateful for this group and the friendships I have developed.  It's always great to have someone to talk to that knows what you're going through and has been there.  There is always tons of advice offered.

Happy Valentine's Day!

One of the things Asher does now is wave!
 Asher is almost 16 months now!  He is working on crawling forward.  He will inch worm backwards.  He actually looks like he's doing the worm. Remember doing that?  LOL.  He's sitting much better now although the girls still get scared and ask me to put the bobby pillow behind him when he's sitting.  They take such good care of their little brother.  He's becoming quite mobil in his own way.  He rolls to get to where he wants to go.  Although that's good, we really need him to crawl.  He loves using his legs and standing.  He even did some cruising along the couch during one of his therapy sessions.  He's become more active which we love to see.  He even managed to escape from his bumbo.  Still not sure how he did that.  Guess I need to get a tray on it.  For now I decided not to put him in it anymore. Except at bath time.  He likes to be upright in the bathtub.

We had our first OT (Occupational Therapy) session just this last Friday.  I loved his therapist.  I think we'll be seeing her once a month and she'll report things to Asher's PT (Physical Therapist) to work on, who we see weekly.  She gave us some ideas on how to wake him up and keep him active. He tends to be lazy is what I call it but I guess we just need to wake his muscles up and let them know to engage.  Everything is so new to us.  We are learning all of the time.  Just as Asher is learning as well.
Asher loves spending time with his big sisters and is always curious about what they are doing.

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